As the name suggests, EVV electronically captures:

  • That a home care agency employee provided the agreed-upon point-of-care service
  • The time and date that a visit began and ended
  • The individual who received the service
  • The tasks that were completed during the visit

All individuals and companies that provide in home care must use a system that is EVV compliant.

Most EVV systems have both a mobile device application that the user can download or utilizing telephone lines, requiring the caregiver to call the agency office via a landline.

What system is Tucked With Care currently using for EVV?

  • HHAexhcange
  • Number to use for clocking in and out
    • 866-729-7121
    • Press 1: to clock in
    • Press 2: to clock out
    • Press 3: For Fob entry

To Clock In

Step Action
1 To place EVV, dial 866-829-8121 from MEMBERS AUTHORIZED PHONE.
Note: If your are unsure of what the members authorized phones are, PLEASE CALL OR TEXT THE EVV LINE OR 724-888-0815. (please remember only punches from an approved line will be accepted)
2 Press 1 to Clock IN when prompted
3 Enter Assignment Id: _____
4 Confirm the entry by listening to recording repeat the number you entered to verify accuracy.
Note: if you enter you Assignment Id incorrectly, the system prompts you to reenter your credentials. If you fail to enter your assignment ID after several attempts, the system stops you from placing an EVV and you must contact your system administrator
5 If EVV is placed successfully then the following automated is heard: “YOUR CALL HAS BEEN SUCCESSFULLY REGISTERED”

To Clock Out

Step Action
1 To place EVV, dial 866-829-7121 from the MEMBERS AUTHORIZED PHONE.
2 Press 2 to Clock Out when prompted
3 Enter Assignment ID: _____
Employee Clock in and out pin number ____________
4 Confirm the entry
5 If the EVV is successfully placed, then the following automated message is heard:
“Enter the 2-digit ID number for the first duty performed on the patient.”
Note: A Duty ID may be either 2 or 3 digits, depending on the task.
6 Enter each Duty ID.

  • If an invalid Duty Id is entered, then you are alerted and asked to enter the next Duty Id
  • If a valid Duty ID is entered, then you are asked to enter the next Duty ID
  • If the member refused a duty, then enter star (*) followed by the duty Id to log a refused duty code.
7 When all Duties have been entered, dial 00 or 000 to complete the EVV. Upon completion, the following is heard:
“Your Call-Out has been registered successfully. Goodbye”
Clients # Clock in and out from approved Client phone number

Tucked With Cares Clock In Policy

All Employee’s:

  • ARE REQUIRED TO NOTIFY HUMAN RESOURCES PRIOR TO MAKING ANY CHANGES TO SCHEDULE. (including moving back or forward shift start time or end time or date of service
  • ALL EMPLOYEES MUST CLOCK IN/ OUT FROM CLIENTS AUTHROIZED NUMBER OR NUMBERS (manually calling on employee’s phone is not an acceptable punch. Employee can only clock in from phone if they are using the HHA Exchange mobile app)
  • All employees must punch in and out from GPS approved location. If employee does not punch out from an approved location EVV will have to be confirmed with a Missed Punch form and the reason to clocking outside the home.
  • All Missed clock in or outs must be corrected with a missed punch form. Even if punch is not recorded due to system error. Missed punch forms must be turned in by Monday @ noon for processing. But should be completed and turned in directly after your last worked shift of the week.
  • Employees that do not clock in on time or before there scheduled time will receive a MISSED IN notification.
  • If employees miss a punch in or out on any day Employee will receive a MISSED Call notification the next morning.
  • If an employee punches in from an unapproved location employee will receive Unapproved GPS Alert.
  • If an employee clocks in from an Unapproved number, they will receive an unapproved number alert.

EVV Duties

Duty ID # Duty Category
115 MEAL PREP Personal care
116 HOUSEWORK/ CHORE Personal care
117 MANAGING FINANCES Personal care
118 MANAGING MEDS Personal care
119 SHOPPING Personal care
120 TRANSPORTATION Personal care
122 HYGIENE Personal care
123 DRESSING UPPER Personal care
124 DRESSING LOWER Personal care
125 LOCOMOTION Personal care
126 TRANSFER Personal care
127 TOILET USER Personal care
128 BED MOBILIYL Personal care
129 EATING Personal care
131 BOWEL INCONTINENCE Personal care
132 PERSONAL CARE T1019 Personal care
134 BATHING Personal care

What should I do If I don’t clock in or out for a shift?

All shifts that an employee does not successfully clock in or out for will need additional verification. The process of additional verification will be collected through Tucked With Care’s missed punch form that would need to be filled out completely and signed by your client, or the administration staff will call client to verify shift worked and times. When either process takes place employees payroll check can be delayed by up to 14 days. So it is very important for every employee to not only clock in and out but to manage over their punches.

Employees who manage over their punches through the app will see a red TS which stands for timesheet required if they have missed a punch in or out on that specific shift. If that happens that employee will need to get additional verification for said shift before shift is paid out through payroll. This is where the additional 14 days can take place.

To request help with clocking in and out, please click here.

EVV Responsibility

It is the policy of Tucked With Care, LLC Home Care Agency to only provide those services authorized by the OLTL and the PA Department of Welfare. No additional services can be provided without proper authorization from consumer’s Service Coordinator, and without proper consultation with TWC management.

All services performed will be done per direction of the Client Service Plan; The Client Service Plan is created based on the specific needs of the Clients as directed and suggested by each Clients Service Coordinator. No Services refused or undesired by the participant will be provided.

Participants should never be asked to sign blank timesheets. If a participant refuses to sign a timesheet at the end of the shift, the office should be contacted immediately. If another individual wishes to sign the time sheet for a participant because of some disability or challenge, the office must be notified so that authorization from the Service Coordinator can be obtained and the record noted prior to the action being taken and the Clients file can be noted.

Any employee will not engage in forcing a client to perform any acts that the client is uncomfortable performing or taking part in and refusal to perform any acts should be documented on the time sheet for that day.

If an employee is unsure about performing a task for any consumer TWC management should be notified, contacted or spoken with to obtain approval for that “said” action.

Time missed by an employee meaning work hours not worked/ or completed on a prior day, that an employee would like to make up needs to be approved by TWC management. Unless client has a flex service schedule time will be forfeited unless otherwise approved by TWC management and Client Service Coordinator.

Employees should note changes, concerns and or participant status on timesheets in the comment section at the bottom of time sheet if additional space is needed, the back of the sheet can be used.

Timesheets without Consumers signature or the direct care workers signature are not considered valid. Also any timesheet improperly filled out or not completed correctly is also considered not valid and can be subject to a delay in processing. Tucked with Care, LLC Home Care Agency cannot bill for any participant services until the timesheet is valid, error free and legible to Billing and Client Support Coordinator. It is the responsibility of the employee to ensure the validity of all timesheets.

  1. The work week starts Monday at 12:00a.m and ends Sunday at 11:59 p.m.
  2. Employees should not make any changes, alterations or adjustments to their schedule without notifying Tucked With Care Management.
    1. Phone: 724-203-4931
    2. Email:
    3. Text: 412-291-0024
  3. The employee will clock in by calling 866-829-7121 from the client’s verified number.
  4. At no time can an employee call the Telephonic EVV line to punch for their shift. An employee’s phone can only be used to clock in through the app with GPS location services. If employees’ clock in and GPS does not match to verified location employee will be required to fill out a miss punch form and have it signed by client to confirm shift before shift can be processed for payroll.
  5. The employee will use the assigned Employee Assignment ID number
  6. Upon Clocking out employees must enter duty code id code’s (code values and instructions on first page)
  7. If a punch is “missed” a MISSED PUNCH FORM must be completed by the employee and signed by the client and submitted to Human Resources and Billing by Monday at 12:00 pm
  8. Missed Punch form can be submitted on of two ways
  9. Email-
  10. Drop them off at the office in Timesheet drop off box
  11. Screenshot missed punch form and text it to 412-291-0024
  12. Fax: 724-203-4005 or 724-241-3613
  13. If at any time an employee is not sure of the services to be provided, the employee should contact TWC management for clarity.
  14. All Missed Punch forms must be turned in by Monday at 12:00 pm Sunday via email to or dropped off at our timesheet drop off box at 2636 Broadhead Rd Suite B, Aliquippa PA 15001 also known as our home office.
    1. Any miss punch forms received after Monday at 12 p.m is subject to the possibility of delayed processing and will be processed the following pay period. This will delay the payroll check of the employee for up to 14 days.