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If an employee fills out this Electronic Missed Punch form and submits it this form will act as a Contact form for Tucked With Care staff to reach out to Client to verify shifts. Due to a signature not being recorded on this form. Electronic submission of this form must follow the same requirements to be turned in by the end of business Monday evening.

Download Missed Punch Form

Submitting a Missed Punch Form

All employees will follow the Tucked With Care structure for clocking in and out

  1. The work week starts Monday at 12:00a.m and ends Sunday at 11:59 p.m.
  2. Employees should not make any changes, alterations or adjustments to their schedule without notifying Tucked With Care Management.
    1. Phone: 724-203-4931
    2. Email:,
    3. Text: 412-291-0024
  3. The employee will clock in by calling 866-829-7121 from the client’s verified number.
  4. At no time can an employee call the Telephonic EVV line to punch for their shift. An employee’s phone can only be used to clock in through the app with GPS location services. If employees’ clock in and GPS does not match to verified location employee will be required to fill out a miss punch form and have it signed by client to confirm shift before shift can be processed for payroll.
  5. The employee will use the assigned Employee Assignment ID number
  6. Upon Clocking out employees must enter duty code id code’s (code values and instructions on first page)
  7. If a punch is “missed” a MISSED PUNCH FORM must be completed by the employee and signed by the client and submitted to Human Resources and Billing by Monday at 12:00 pm
  8. If employee’s does not clock in
  9. Missed Punch form can be submitted on of two ways
  10. Email-,
  11. Drop them off at the office in Timesheet drop off box
  12. Screenshot missed punch form and text it to 724-203-4931 or 724-888-0815
  13. Fax: 724-203-4005 or 724-241-3613
  14. If at any time an employee is not sure of the services to be provided, the employee should contact TWC management for clarity.
  15. All Missed Punch forms must be turned in by Monday at 12:00 pm via email to, or dropped into our timesheet box located to the left of the office door. Drop off box at 2636 Broadhead Rt 2349 Mill St., Suite 2 rear, Aliquippa PA 15001 also known as our home office.
    1. Any miss punch forms received after Monday at 12 p.m is subject to the possibility of delayed processing and will be processed the following pay period. This will delay the payroll check of the employee for up to 14 days.